We  are consider it an Honor's to serve the Electrical industry as one of the best Electrical Product Manufacturers in Delhi. we produce various  types of Switches Dolly/Rocker. M.P.S electric switches works to initiate or terminate electrical current to a light fixture, ceiling fan, or any other electrical device, enabling the device to be turned ON or OFF.  In our daily life, we hardly even notice this otherwise useful component of our home electrical fitting. M.P.S Switches not only enable prompt lighting, but also add to the aesthetics of our home.

To manage the waft of electricity in a circuit, an electric switch is a truthful, however crucial electric aspect. The majority of the time, it consists of a  button that, when pressed , either completes or interrupts the electric circuit, permitting the powering on or off of equipment. There are many distinct kinds of electric-powered switches, such as Dolly/Rocker for electronics, and wall switches for lighting. They are essential to daily lifestyles in view that they make it viable for us to speedy and sincerely regulate the operation of electrical appliances and lighting fixtures structures with only a  press.


Type of Switch : At the outset , You should decide on what type of switches you har prefer – conventional or modular switches. M.P.S Switch with low noise design eliminates the clicking to the maximum extent & the simple and elegant appearance design.  M.P.S offers an extensive range of modular switches that are carefully crafted using high-quality material, brass component with the best safety features.

Material :  Before buying M.P.S switches , you must take into consideration the kind of material that has been used in their construction. M.P.S Electrical switches made out of High -Quality, flame retardant material are the best.

Dust Shield :  M.P.S Switches with dust-shield are definitely better. Not only it keeps you away from the task of Daily wiping switches on a regular basis, but also helps the switches maintain their new look for years.

User Friendly :  Make sure that the M.P.S switches you choose, must be Noise-Free and Soft-to-Operate. The switches that have been ergonomically designed are the best as they don’t make more noise.