A bulb holder is an electrical device, which securely holds and provides power to the light bulb. Furthermore, it gives convenience to replacing the light bulbs when they are not working properly. It is one of the most commonly used electrical accessories used in households and commercial offices. Bulb holders are divided into two categories socket and holders. Based on the build type, these bulb holders are divided into different categories such as Batten Holders, Angle Holders, and Pendant Holders.

 Types of Bulb Holders

A bulb holder is one of the essential items used commonly in households and offices. The classification of these bulb holders is based on their buildup and functionalities. Additionally, here are the types of bulb holders. 

  • Angle Holders: The angle holder is tilted to a certain angle to provide light in a particular direction. The bulb is attached to the angled holder giving light effectively in a desirable direction in the room and any place. 
  • Batton Holders: Batten Holders are used to give light in a perpendicular direction to the base area. The use of batten holders is commonly at the ceilings to give a shadow-free lighting effect in a room. 
  • Pendant Holders: Hanging bulbs or Pendant Holders can hang down and come with a moveable wire attachment in it. Furthermore, the wire is attached to the ceiling rose. Pendant holders are used in many attachments such as study tables, Diwali lanterns, corridors, etc. 
  • Ceiling Holders: Ceiling Holder is an electrical device used to create a connection point between the branch wires to create a circuit. Such holders are commonly used in ceiling fans and lights.


 Features of the Bulb Holders

 Have a look at the features of the Bulb Holders:

  • Safety and Strong Hold: Bulb holders are manufactured using top-quality materials which makes them safe and strong to use it. 
  • Rust Resistant Holders: Best technologies are used in making rust-resistant bulb holders. These holders are continuously optimized to become resistant to rust. 
  • Durable Holders: Bulb holders designed using superior materials are durable. Get such bulb holders, which add beauty with superiority too.
  • Come with Fancy Designs: Now, consumers are not only looking for bulb holders. Furthermore, they want a design with quality features added to it. 
  • Heat Resistant: If you use bulb holders for a long then, excess heat comes out from them. Additionally, the heat is transferred to the bulb holder too. It reduces the time of the bulb holder. Therefore, we design superior quality and heat-resistant bulb holders.