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2 Pin Top Altis

This 2 pin male plug top is made of high grade  Polycarbonate material with smooth finish to offer optimum durability And Heavy Brass Pins. Elegantly designed 2 pin  plug adds an aesthetic look signifying safety and reliability. 2 pin Top means that the device Plug not earthed needs and it normally has two pins that transmit electricity.2 Pin plugs are not constructed to continuously withstand high current. For example, if more than 6 ampere.This safe electrical device is suitable for every household and is useful for the smooth functioning of appliances.This Product Known as : 2 Pin Plug,2 Pin Top Plug,2 Pin Top, 2 Pin Male Plug, Two Pin Plug, 2 Pin  Male Top,2 Pin AC Top Plug, 2 Pin AC Plug. Its use for: Kitchen appliances ,  table Fan,Electric choppers, etc.s ,  table Fan,Electric choppers, etc.

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